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 Never Give Up Re-entry Center

Robert D. Brown - Founder & Executive Director

Mr. Brown functions in the roles of Community Organizer, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Mentor, Networking Professional, Project Manager and Television Talk Show Host of "Straight Talk with Mr. B."   His passion for helping and sharing with others is exhibited both personally and professionally. He is an Army veteran 82nd Airborne, where he was also a member of the post-boxing team.  Robert became a correctional Officer in D.C Department of Corrections in 1984, then resigned in 2000 to start a clothing business (Bald Head Sports) and a cleaning company (Cleaning Police).  He was then incarcerated, which prompted him to make crucial changes in his life choices and transform his way of thinking.    Once released, he returned with a new plan and vision.  In 2007, he worked in the Office of Returning Citizens in DC as a Counselor, and then promoted in 2008 to Senior Job developer where he excelled and helped over 40,000 countless jobs and other resources.  His solid reputation as a community leader, mentor and coach earned a reputation in the community as an empathetic individual that does what he says, and performs in the spirit of excellence and service to do what’s needed for his clientele.  This love for helping people lead Robert to launch his own non-profit organization.  The Never Give Up Re-entry Center (NGU) serves at-risk youth, returning citizens, veterans and low income residents in the Metro DC area and Maryland.

Created in 2010, the NGU is structured to give those persons who appear to have no other alternative and are at the bottom of their cause. NGU aspires to be not just a program but a movement that transforms the mindset of all participants who come with an urgent need and allows them so see a better life and outcome for their lives. NGU participants are connected to activities that will prepare them to become self-sustaining and prepared to be active and properly engaged in the job market. To date NGU has placed over 200 formerly incarcerated participants in sustainable employment, and approximately 180 in schools or vocational rehabilitation. NGU creates a community that encourages ideas, thought-provoking conversations and solutions that provide an understanding of what is needed by our stakeholders and in the community in order to change the mindset of their constituents.

Mr. Brown is a results-driven, forward thinking and motivated professional that cares for his fellow man, and strives to make a positive impact in his community. A change agent with a heart for community engagement, Robert enjoys what he does while exhibiting optimism and effective through the themes of

 accountability, self-awareness and positivity.